Footzonology® Practitioner Education

Learn how to repair, rejuvenate, Balance and remove disturbances via the signal system on the feet

The Footzoners Conference was so great. We learned so much about the oils and fats that are good for the glands on the different days of the week. My children and I loved playing in the river and taking mud baths to exfoliate our skin and foot baths with herbs to pull toxins out of our lymph.


I learned so much about the connection between my health and the environmental and diet choices I make, and the oils to help the problems I may have.


~ Melanie Arkoudas, Certified FootZonologist Teacher Level 5 (Montana)



We are so fortunate to have the teachings of ZoneBalance. It is the only modality with an intensive understanding of the body, its out-of-balance conditions and how to restore balance and harmony. ZoneBalance has changed my life!


~ Adele Tate, Certified FootZonologist, Body Rejuvenist (Wilsall, Montana)




I have been zoning for five years now and every time I come to class I am amazed at what I learn and how improve in my technique.


~ Kim Strupp, Certified FootZonologist (Shelley, Idaho)




I have been a footzonologist since September 2005. As I continue to attend classes at Nordblom American Institute of FootZonology®, I am amazed at the vast knowledge I gain to help me better understand that light signal system located in the feet and how to repair and rejuvenate the entire body. All classes are very organized and informative and I always have a very positive experience.


~ Beverly Barnes, Certified FootZonologist (Farmington, New Mexico)


This has been the most incredible learning journey I have ever experienced in my life. I have the knowledge and skill to balance, rejuvenate, restore the body and rise the life energy. This gift of healing will be treasured for the rest of my life.


~ Sharon Pohlman, Certified FootZonologist (Henderson, Nevada)


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