Footzonology® Practitioner Education

Learn how to repair, rejuvenate, Balance and remove disturbances via the signal system on the feet

FootZonologist Education - Program of Study


HomeStudy Program for FootZonology®, BackZonology and FaceZonology are now available. Please contact us for more information. We will post program details online soon.

FootZonoloy Education___________20 day program


HomeStudy Programs

- FootZonology®, BackZonology & FaceZonology


Zoning Coach Program

Face Zonology, two parts_________ 9 day program


Back Zonology, two parts_________9 day program


Hand Zonology, three parts________9 day program




Rejuvenation Diet_______________4 day program


Body Restoration Week__________7 day program


Childrens Health Class__________ 3-5 day program


Womens Health Class___________3-5 day program


The Body's Immune Defense_____5 day program


Advance Classes_______________varies


Instructor Training _____________72 day program



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